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Preliminary Report on

The Bleeding Knife of Zodiac

Researchers morf13 and AK Wilks Reveal
Possible Communication from the Zodiac
Postmarked December 16, 1969,
at Fairfield, California

Note: Project MK-ZODIAC appreciates that the images of these documents have been provided by morf13 and AK Wilks who are moderators at the internet forum

Researchers have obtained copies of a possible communication from the Zodiac which had not been available to the public until now.

The researchers, known by their online usernames as morf13 and AK Wilks, learned of the existence of the communication by reading an FBI report dated December 24, 1969.

FBI report dated December 24, 1969

The researchers sent requests to the FBI to get copies of the communication which was postmarked December 16, 1969 at Fairfield, California, and mailed to the San Francisco Examiner.

Qc36 Qc37 Qc38

On August 31, 2010, morf13 received copies of the documents.

communication postmarked December 16, 1969, at Fairfield, California

This is the Zodiac speaking

I just want to tell you
this state is in troulbe
I will go for the Goverment
life so donīt foreget me
I will kill more people than
you cops can count so look
for more blood
you better print


you will not catch me
I will kill in
S. F. 3 times
S. J. 1 "
Vallejo 6 "
Napa 8 "
Fairfield 3 cops
Sacramento 9 "
Oakland 8 "
ha! ha! ha!

* * *

In the middle of this communication, there are five cipher symbols followed by a large Zodiac symbol with four smaller Zodiac symbols, one in each quadrant of the large Zodiac symbol.

cipher December 16, 1969

Five Cipher Symbols

The five cipher symbols could be a name with five alphabetical symbols such as "SANDY".

five cipher symbols

However, the third cipher symbol and the fifth cipher symbol are the same which would seem to indicate that they are the same alphabetical symbol.

Four Quadrants

The Zodiac used four quadrants in the communication which was postmarked October 27, 1970, referring to four methods of murder, "by fire", "by gun", "by knife", and "by rope", separated by a crossword arrangement of the words "paradice" and "slaves".

Zodiac symbol with four quadrants

by fire, by gun, by knife, by rope



This communication includes another example of the Zodiacīs word game.

The word "trouble" is misspelled as "troulbe".

The word "troulbe" is a combination of the word "troul" and the word "be".

The word "troul" is derived from the Dutch word "trollen" meaning "to move volubly" or "to utter volubly".

the bleeding knife of Zodiac

THe Bleeding
knife of Zodiac

by knife

by knife

The Zodiac had written "by knife" on the door of the Kharmann Ghia at Lake Berryessa on September 27, 1969.

The police decided to keep the Zodiacīs phrase "by knife" confidential in 1969 because sometimes the police withheld certain information from the public which only the Zodiac would know.

The phrase "by knife" was covered up in the photographs of the car door which were released to the media after the stabbings.

"The California Crime Book" by Robert Colby was the first book which included information about the Zodiac in the chapter called "Horror-scope For Murder (The Zodiac Killer)".

This book was published by Pyramid Books in September, 1971.

On page 183 of this book, when describing what was written on the car door, it states that next to the Zodiac symbol was printed "Vallejo", "Dec. 20, 1968", "July 4, 1969" and "Sept. 27, 1969 - 6:30 p.m.". However, this account does not have any reference to the specific phrase "by knife".

This is an example of how, in the contemporary time period, the public was not aware of the use of the specific phrase "by knife" by the Zodiac on September 27, 1969. (This information was disclosed several years later.)

Whoever wrote "the bleeding knife of Zodiac" in the communication mailed on December 16, 1969, may have known that the Zodiac had used the phrase "by knife" on September 27, 1969, something which only the Zodiac and the investigators knew at the time.

* * *

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The Zodiac's Game


An Investigation of the Zodiac Killer

by Ricardo Eugirtni Gomez

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