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Who was the individual known as "Sandy" in 1963?

Preliminary Report on Project MK-ZODIAC

Speculation Based Upon the Story of "Sandy"

"Sandy" is featured in this report as hypothetically being the individual who later became known as the Zodiac.

Researchers of the Zodiac case may recognize the similarities between the descriptions of "Sandy" (1963) and the Zodiac (1969).

"Sandy" (Clark version)
wanted poster for "Sandy" drawn by Lieutenant H. C. Clark

wanted poster for the Zodiac
wanted poster for the Zodiac

"Sandy" (Straub version)
sketch of "Sandy" drawn by Steven Straub

In the article in the San Francisco Chronicle on October 12, 1969, about the murder of Paul Stine by someone who was later established to be the Zodiac, the suspect was about 40 years old, 170 pounds, with a blond crewcut, and wearing glasses.

It is interesting that this suspect was described as having blond hair and wearing glasses, which does correspond with the description for "Sandy".

However, the age of this suspect does not match the estimated age of "Sandy" because, if "Sandy" was about 17 to 18 years old in 1963, then "Sandy" would have been about 23 to 24 years old in 1969 (not about 40).

The Zodiac claimed "I look like the description passed out only when I do my thing, the rest of the time I look entirle different. I shall not tell you what my descise consists of when I kill."

* * *

An unidentified man with blond hair may have been associated with Donna Ann Lass, who is considered a possible victim of the Zodiac.

There was a report that someone saw Lass "walking with a young, blonde man" around the time that she became missing.

It may or may not be significant that Lass had lived in Santa Barbara (circa 1967 to 1969) before she moved to San Francisco (circa 1969 to 1970).

Lass had moved to South Lake Tahoe at the time of her disappearance in 1970.

* * *

The nickname "Sandy" may be a shortened version of this suspect's real name (first name, middle name, or last name).

It is possible that the nickname "Sandy" was actually the name of someone who this suspect knew.

It is open to imagination if the nickname "Sandy" was inspired by sandy blond hair, sandy beaches, Sandy Koufax (a popular baseball player in 1963), or something else.

* * *

video by akwilks

For those who are suspicious that Theodore Kaczynski was the Zodiac, there are several interesting correlations.

For example, the letters in "SANDY" may be derived from the letters in "THEODORE KACZYNSKI" (as it has been previously observed about the letters in "ZODIAC").

Kaczynski would have been close to the age of "Sandy". Theodore was 21 years old in June of 1963 (born May 22, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois). "Sandy" was described as about 17 to 18 years old (about three or four years younger than Kaczynski).

According to his application for a driver´s license, Kaczynski had blue eyes. "Sandy" was described as having blue eyes.

There is a photo of a young Kaczynski (age 9) in 1952 wearing a similar shirt to the one "Sandy" was wearing. Of course, that may only be evidence that such a shirt was popular during the 1950´s and 1960´s.,0,7753132.photogallery?index=chi-ted009t20080212130409

However, it must also be stated that there are important discrepancies between Kaczynski and "Sandy".

Kaczynski´s hair would probably have been described as brown (not blond). "Sandy" was clearly described as having blond hair.

Kaczynski is not known to have smoked. "Sandy" smoked.

Also, there is no known evidence that Kaczynski was in California in 1963.

Kaczynski is being used here as an example because Kaczynski is someone who has previously been named as a suspect of being the Zodiac.

According to the FBI and the San Francisco Police Department, Kaczynski has been cleared of being the Zodiac.

It is not uncommon in a criminal investigation to find coincidences which suggest that an innocent person may be connected to a crime.

The story of "Sandy" mentions other suspects based upon incriminating circumstances who were eventually cleared by the investigators.

Therefore, it is certainly possible that someone who is suspected of being the Zodiac also would have matched the description of "Sandy" in June of 1963.

* * *

Speculation about the "Celebrity Cypher" and "Sandy"

The "celebrity cypher" was a communication postmarked September 25, 1990,
which may or may not have been sent by the Zodiac.

It has been conjectured that this communication was a clue from the Zodiac regarding "Sandy"
because this communication specifically referred to "Sandy Beaches - California".

Also, this communication referred to driftwood on an ocean beach
which might have been an allusion to the driftwood shack by the beach where Domingos and Edwards were killed.

The website features a possible solution to the "celebrity cypher".

* * *

Sandy Betts, who has been involved with the Zodiac case since 1969, has informed Project MK-ZODIAC that there is a "Sandy Beach Road" and a "Sandy Drive" in Vallejo.

Sandy Beach Road, Vallejo, CA Beach Road Vallejo CA

Sandy Drive, Vallejo, CA Drive Vallejo CA

Sandy Betts has also noticed that on page 23 of the Vallejo Police Department report for Case Number 243 146 (regarding Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin), it states that one of the persons of interest gave his address as 20 Sandy Beach Road (circa 1969).

Of course, it is possible that this reference is only a coincidence. Please be advised to be skeptical.

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