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Preliminary Report on

Richard Gaikowski and
the Bomb Threat
at the Roxie Theater
on Friday, October 8, 1976

Years ago, Richard Gaikowski was one of the co-owners of the Roxie Theater.

On Friday, October 8, 1976, Richard Gaikowski said that someone called the Roxie Theater to warn "There is a bomb with a mercury device set to go off in the middle of the theater in 15 minutes."

Here is the news article by Mark Jacobson which was printed
in the Berkeley Barb, October 15-21, 1976.

Bomb Threat Hits Cuba Film Show

This bomb threat was not reported in the San Francisco Chronicle or the San Francisco Examiner.

The film interrupted by the bomb threat was the 1973 film "El Hombre de Maisinicu" also known as "The Man from Maisinicu".

The film was being shown with the 1969 film "Che" on Friday night as part of the Cuban Film Festival from Wednesday, October 6, 1976, to Tuesday, October 12, 1976.

Roxie Theater listing 10-08-76

The Cuban Film Festival was a benefit for both the Tricontinental Film Center and Radio Station KPFA.

Whoever made the bomb threat evidently had some knowledge of bombs because the words "mercury device" refer to a mercury switch which can be used to cause a bomb to detonate.

A tilt fuze is a mercury switch which is intended to detonate when a bomb is tilted or moved.

The police searched the Roxie Theater and no bomb was found.

This bomb threat is reminiscent of the Zodiac because, in several communications, the Zodiac threatened to use a bomb.


Richard Gaikowski said that the person who called had a voice which was middle-aged and unaccented.

According to Bryan Hartnell, David Slaight, and Nancy Slover, the voice of the Zodiac did not have any accent.

Also, the Zodiac was described as being middle-aged by other witnesses.

There are not any known communications from the Zodiac in 1976.

It may never be known who actually made the bomb threat at the Roxie Theater on Friday, October 8, 1976, and what was the purpose.

It is known that Richard Gaikowski was one of the suspects in the Zodiac case.

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This Project MK-ZODIAC report about Richard Gaikowski and the Bomb Threat at the Roxie Theater on Friday, October 8, 1976, was posted in September of 2015.

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