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Preliminary Report on

Lyndon Lafferty,
"Andrew Todd Walker",
and Arthur Leigh Allen

Lyndon Lafferty

Lyndon Lafferty is a retired California Highway Patrol officer who has a connection to two suspects in the Zodiac case, "Andrew Todd Walker" and Arthur Leigh Allen.

On October 31, 2010, at a private event at Zio Fraedo´s Restaurant in Vallejo, Lyndon Lafferty spoke about his book "The Zodiac Killer Cover-Up (AKA The Silenced Badge)".

Two researchers, Sandy Betts and Zamantha, were invited to this event. Sandy Betts is a moderator at the internet forum and Zamantha is a moderator at the internet forum

Project MK-ZODIAC is hopeful that Lafferty´s book will provide new information regarding the Zodiac case.

Lyndon Lafferty and "Andrew Todd Walker"

Lafferty´s book "The Zodiac Killer Cover-Up (AKA The Silenced Badge)", presents evidence regarding someone who was suspected of being the Zodiac.

Lafferty´s suspect was called "Andrew Todd Walker" in Robert Graysmith´s 1986 book, "Zodiac".

For confidentiality reasons, Lafferty´s name was not included in Graysmith´s 1986 book.

In Graysmith´s 1986 book, it is explained that California Highway Patrol Officer Lafferty became suspicious of "Walker" circa April, 1970.

Lafferty first encountered "Walker" at Hunter Hill which is on Interstate 80 (I-80) east of Vallejo.

In Graysmith´s 2002 book, "Zodiac Unmasked", it is mentioned that Vallejo Police Department Detective George Bawart was the lead investigator of murders which were committed at Hunter Hill in 1989.

Lafferty's book is expected to provide more information about "Walker" than was included in Graysmith´s 1986 book, including information about the ciphers from the Zodiac which were supposed to represent the name of "Walker" and the unusual symbols which were photographed near the house of "Walker".

Lyndon Lafferty and Arthur Leigh Allen

Lafferty did not believe that the prime suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen, was the Zodiac.

Arthur Leigh Allen was called "Robert ´Bob´ Hall Starr" in Graysmith´s 1986 book, "Zodiac".

Also, in Graysmith´s 1986 book, "Zodiac", an incident is briefly described in which Allen had a fight with five people.

Because Allen beat the five people in the fight, this story was an example of the physical strength that Allen possessed.

This particular story is attributed to an unnamed "retired highway patrolman" who was a friend of Allen´s when they grew up in Vallejo.

As known by researchers, this unnamed person was Lyndon Lafferty.

Lyndon Lafferty went to Vallejo High School in Vallejo with Arthur Leigh Allen. (Lafferty graduated in 1950 and Allen graduated afterwards.)

Also, in Graysmith´s 2002 book, "Zodiac Unmasked", there is another brief reference to this fight with five people.

In the 2002 book, Santo Paul "Sandy" Panzarella is quoted confirming that this incident had happened.

Furthermore, there is a minor mystery which may or may not be explained in Lafferty´s book when it is published.

In both of Graysmith´s books, "Zodiac" and "Zodiac Unmasked", Allen´s fight is specifically stated to have been with five marines and to have occurred in San Francisco.

It was not explained what specific reason Allen and Lafferty would have for being in San Francisco (instead of Vallejo).

According to Tom Voigt at, Allen´s fight was with five "neighborhood tough guys" (not marines) and occurred in Vallejo (not San Francisco).

On August 17, 2000, Voigt stated that Lafferty witnessed this fight during the time Allen and Lafferty were in high school (which would have been no later than 1951).

It is possible that Graysmith deliberately changed certain details to protect the identity of Lafferty in the books.

For example, Graysmith may have changed the location of the fight from Vallejo to San Francisco.

According to Lafferty´s website, there will be a chapter in Lafferty´s book called "Growing Up In Vallejo".

When Lafferty´s book is published, researchers will find out whether or not there is any clarification regarding Allen´s fight with the five people which was witnessed by Lafferty.

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Additional Notes

What Year Did Arthur Leigh Allen Graduate From Vallejo High School?

In the process of preparing this report, Project MK-ZODIAC discovered that there was a question about the specific year in which Arthur Leigh Allen graduated from high school.

As of November 1, 2010, according to Wikipedia and other websites, Allen graduated in 1949.

However, previously, Tom Voigt at obtained a teacher´s application which was completed by Allen.

On the teacher´s application, Allen wrote that he attended Vallejo High School from 1948 to 1950.

excerpt from application

Presumably, this is evidence which would indicate that Allen graduated in 1950.

Upon further investigation, Project MK-ZODIAC became aware that another researcher, known by the online username as "Tahoe27", verified in a yearbook that Allen graduated in 1951.

Zamantha read this preliminary report and provided additional information to clarify that Vallejo High School had two classes which graduated six months apart, summer and fall of 1950.

Furthermore, Zamantha has reason to believe that Allen graduated in the Fall class of 1951.

If any reader of this preliminary report is able to prove the exact date that Arthur Leigh Allen graduated from Vallejo High School, please email

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