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Preliminary Report on



By Goldcatcher

(This report submitted to Project MK-ZODIAC
in April of 2011.)

Richard Gaikowski has been named as one of the suspects in the Zodiac case.

For many years, Goldcatcher has requested law enforcement to investigate Gaikowski.

117159 mugshot of Richard Gaikowski

This was the mug shot of Richard Gaikowski which was featured on the front page of the Morning News-Gazette on October 12, 1965.

Gaikowski was the managing editor of this newspaper in Martinez, California in 1965.

Gaikowski concocted a secret plan to get himself arrested so that he could write an investigative story about his experiences inside the Contra Costa County Jail.

Gaikowski´s mugshot number was 117159.

Goldcatcher proposes that Gaikowski could have used this mugshot number to compose the Mt. Diablo code which was sent by the Zodiac on June 26, 1970.

Here is Goldcatcher´s idea:

117159 part one

117159 part two

communication 06-26-70

By generating more interest in Gaikowski as a suspect, Project MK-ZODIAC hopes that law enforcement will compare Gaikowski´s DNA to the Zodiac´s DNA, as was done for the prime suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen in October, 2002.

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An Investigation of the Zodiac Killer

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